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The NSSA® Certificate Program Begins Where Other Programs Like RICP® AND CFP® End

The knowledge obtained through NSSA® Certificate Program, in conjunction with adherence to the NSSA® standards of excellence, continuing education, and access to ongoing support, enables those who earn the Certificate to perpetually stay at the top of their game for Social Security consulting.

Our program focuses solely on Social Security education and incorporate client and advisor experiences in our education. We emphasize Situational Social Security as all of your clients are unique.

Establish yourself as a social security expert: Earn your NSSA® Certificate!

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Advisors like you are leveraging NSSA to dramatically increase revenue and grow their practices!

Hear it straight from one financial advisor who was chosen as the 2020 National Social Security Advisor of the Year!

Gainesville Financial Advisor Beau Henderson, CEO of RichLife Advisors, LLC in Gainesville, Ga., has been chosen 2020 National Social Security Advisor of the Year by the National Social Security Association for his Social Security education advocacy.

NSSA® Certificate and Education

The NSSA Certificate is the industry standard that signals colleagues and clients that you are able to provide them with thoughtful, strategic and expert advice regarding maximization of Social Security filings.

Serve 78 Million Baby Boomers

Credibility and reputation are important. Distinguish yourself among your peers. Stand out from the crowd. Let your clients know that you have invested in their future by investing in your own training.

Classes & OnDemand Training

Attend a class in a nearby city, invite us to train at your facility, or learn from your office in a location and time that suits your schedule. We will share our knowledge with you when & where your need us.

The NSSA® Certificate Difference

The NSSA® Certificate Program is a nationally recognized standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning, education and training. Professional advisors who earn the NSSA® Certificate benefit society by helping individuals and couples improve their financial security during retirement years through maximization of Social Security benefits.

Meet Your Instructors

Marc Kiner

"Social Security was not a passion of mine during beginning of my career as a tax CPA. However, as I entered my later years, I began to receive more questions from clients and fellow CPAs about Social Security. I did not have a Social Security resource, so I began learning about Social Security to assist my clients. After meeting Jim Blair in 2009, I started to realize the lack of education and knowledge by the public and advisors. Social Security is NOW my PASSION."

Marc Kiner has 35 years experience in public accounting. His primary areas of service were to privately held businesses and individuals. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for enhanced advisor knowledge for Social Security filings, Marc sold his practice in 2012 to concentrate on Social Security. Marc is co-founder of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program.

Jim Blair

"I became involved with Premier Social Security Consulting when I retired from a 35-year career with the Social Security Administration. I learned working for Social Security that people are unaware of how the program works and how to best take benefits for their unique situation. I want to make sure individuals and couples heading into retirement make the best decision on a benefit that will last for the rest of their lives."

Jim Blair is the lead consultant in our Social Security consulting department, with over 35 years experience in helping individuals manage their Social Security benefits. Jim retired after 35 years with the Social Security Administration and is co-founder of the National Social Security Advisors certificate program.

What People Are Saying

Dave Buckwald

"For advisers looking to differentiate themselves and create more value added for clients, pursuing a designation as a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA) could be a good investment of time."

~ Dave Buckwald, The Wall Street Journal

Deborah Nason

"Door-busting demand by aging baby boomers is leading financial advisors to build businesses focused solely on the baby boomer market."

~ Deborah Nason,

Rachel Sheedy

"Lower-earning spouses who claim their own Social Security benefit before full retirement age take a cut of as much as 25%. But all’s not lost."

~ Rachel L. Sheedy, Kiplinger’s

Consumer Reports

"Social Security is like a game with innumerable twists and turns, and different winners and losers. High-income folks pay less Social Security tax as a percentage of income than do lower-paid workers."

~ Consumer Reports

Live Classroom & Webinar Instruction

Increase your value as a professional advisor by participating in our unique and well-rounded National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®) Certificate Program. Learn the nuances of Social Security and keep your knowledge up to date so you can readily answer your clients’ questions about deciding when to claim SS benefits.

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On-Demand Virtual Instruction is also available!
  • JUL 14  |  8:00–4:30 EST
  • JUL 26 & 27  |  10:00–2:00 EST
  • AUG 18  |  8:00–4:30 CST
  • SEP 10  |  8:00–4:30 EST
  • SEP 16  |  8:00–4:30 EST
  • OCT 12 & 13  |  10:00–2:00 EST
  • NOV 04  |  8:00–4:30 EST
  • NOV 16  |  8:00–4:30 EST
  • DEC 15 & 16  |  10:00–2:00 EST
  • DEC 27 & 28  |  10:00–2:00 EST
  • DEC 29  |  8:00–4:30 EST

On-Demand Virtual Instruction

We also provide an 18-module video-based course with NSSA® instructors - complete the workshop lectures and activities on your own time.

Notice: On Demand classes do not qualify for educational credits (CPA, CFP or Insurance). For educational credit opportunities please refer to our class schedule for classroom dates.